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A snapshot into my world!

Always looking for the next adventure

Okay, okay…yell at me, send me a nasty what you would like! I have TOTALLY been slacking here!! But, for valid reasons…my life has changed DRASTICALLY!!!

1) I am officially a Boston Terrier and I am attending Boston University in the fall! (let’s just say this whole transfer process has kept me busy for about three years to come…) I am SOO excited, it’s something totally new!! I cannot wait for Bean Town…there will always be something new, not to mention the Red Sox!!!

2) My family moved!! Now that we’re pretty much all out of high school (see number 6 for more on that) they wanted to move somewhere with some more land and a little more peace and quiet. The place is absolutely precious…we even have our own pond! 🙂

3) My mom is crazy. That is all…just kidding (well, kinda). She has started a new adventure since she doesn’t have to tend to all us kids now! She has decided to start a corn maze. Yes, I said it, a corn maze. Since we live in the country, and there is not much to it…it’s a great idea! I have been working on some advertising stuff for it…look below!

4) HOW IS THIS #4??!!? Well, get ready!! I’m doing an internship in New York City with a wedding photographer. I AM IN LOVE!!! The people I work with are great! They are so happy, and fun! Also, it’s an adventure everyday…being from the middle of no where, in upstate NY, the city is quite fun! But, I will say, it hasn’t been all pretty…my first day was just a DISASTER. I took the subway the wrong direction…three times. Followed by my flip-flop breaking as I’m mildly walk/running to my internship because I didn’t want to be late. I also walked into some unpleasant droppings left by a canine, and I ran into a subway sign when I was reading my phone trying to figure out where I was going. BUT, since that first day, it’s gotten much better (I actually understand the subway system now…it’s color coordinated for people like me)! I have accompanied The Jason Groupp with a few wedding engagement shoots (I Heart NY Sessions)…check them out! It has been such a great experience already…I have learned so much and it has helped me so much with what I want to do with my future. But, one little negative…well to my bank account at least…my shopping addiction has become a serious issue with the influence of the NYC streets and store windows…I just can’t help myself!

5) When I’m not working at my internship I am trying to make some cash to save up for my exponentially more expensive college I am attending next year (yea, BU is $54,000…YIKES!). So, I am nannying. I am also in LOVE with it. The girls I nanny are 2 years and 4 months…they are the happiest and cutest little girls ever. They are named Maggie and Ellie…and Cooper the dog is always hanging out with us too! It’s always a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city!

6) My little brother graduated!!! It is seriously crazy. I remember when we were just little kids running around with our blonde little afros…now we’re growing up and starting our own lives! He as decided to work on my grandparent’s farm and attend a local community college next year. Congrats Quin, love you!!

7) Also, I am finally getting some answers! You’re probably wondering about what…well I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder my senior year of high school. It has caused a few issues here and there…though I have not let it run my life yet! I am going to a doctor in the NYC and he has helped me tremendously! It is amazing to see the progress I have made. I am so happy to finally have some answers…I knew keeping hope would pay off!

8 ) Oh, and how could I forget?! I have been enjoying hanging out with my friends from home and the scenery of upstate! Some of those pictures are included as well!

So, that’s a very brief catch up on my life! Enjoy the slideshow below of an array of a few photos from the summer so far! 🙂

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p.s.- PROMISE I’ll update much more now that I have somethings taken care of!


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