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A snapshot into my world!

Always looking for the next adventure

“Excuse me while I kiss the sky.” -Jimi Hendrix

Yesterday a friend and I decided that it was just too gorgeous of a day not to take some photographs. We started at this little place that a friend knew of and had shot at before that was right along the Clark Fort River near campus. There, we met some people who were just passing through, and some people who actually live in Missoula but were just hanging out there. Missoula definitely is made of such a variety of people, and I love having the opportunity to talk to some of them when I can! After we left the little ‘beach’ area I insisted that we try to climb to the roof of a building near by…unfortunately, my thoughts were a little ambitious (and let me remind you, I’m in a walking boot due to a stress fracture in my right foot). Despite that, we were still able to climb some stairs and get a nice view of the Missoula sky. Though we both got some decent shots from that, it was later that night that we really got some great photographs.

Earlier that day in class I learned that it was the harvest moon. The harvest moon only happens every so often- the last one was in 1991 and the next one is predicted to be in 2029. With that said, my friend and I knew that we had to capture this while we could! After getting slightly lost/going on a tiny adventure we decided on a spot we were going to shoot. Overall, it was absolutely gorgeous, so peaceful, and so much fun! I am so happy with these shots and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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