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“The M Trail, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Missoula from the top of the M, is the most heavily used hiking trail in the state, more than even those in Glacier National Park.” -Chronicle of Higher Education

If you attend the University of Montana it is basically an unwritten rule to hike the ‘M’. The 800 foot ‘M’ trail is on Mount Sentinel that provides an amazing view of the University and of Missoula. The ‘M’ has been a Missoula landmark since 1908, when Forestry Club members forged a zigzag trail up the mountain and students carried up stones to shape the symbol of the University of Montana. Since it was absolutely gorgeous today my friend, Maddy, and I decided that we would both take our first hike to the ‘M’. I am pretty happy with my photos, and I really like my panorama that I got! I also have some from the night before from a short little shoot with Ryan.


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