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Always looking for the next adventure

“After a certain number of years, our faces become our biographies.” -Cynthia Ozick

For my photojournalism class our last assignment was to go out and shoot 25 random people that we did not know. For me, being new to Missoula, that was not a problem. But, don’t forget, me being me, I couldn’t just go around campus and shoot random people. I wanted to meet unique people. I wanted to hear their stories. I wanted to learn things that would make me think about my life and my future.

I learned that approaching people for an assignment like this is much easier with two people…so Ryan and I set out on our random adventures to places around Missoula. Due to our schedules we usually didn’t wonder too far, and ended up somewhere downtown. We hit up a few bars (people with a little alcohol in them are usually always willing to take a photo!), including Charlie B’s and The Rino. We also went to the beach that is along the river that we had gone a few times before to shoot. We spent some time in Worden’s Grocery & Deli as well. We captured some great photos while merely wandering the streets.

For this assignment being able to shoot with Ryan was seriously key (I keep him around for a reason). Since he’s from Stevensville, Mont., which is about 25-30 minutes from Missoula, we went there for an evening. Let’s just say, I understand small town living since I’m from a small town, but small town Montana is quite different from small town New York. I felt like I couldn’t even talk while in town because everyone would hear me- I loved it! We ended up shooting a good amount of people there in places ranging from a barber to a brewery.

This assignment took me longer than the average because I didn’t just take their photo; I would stay and talk to them. But, that’s what I liked about the assignment. I liked hearing the stories of all these people. I met people of all ages, who were from all walks of life. I met a homeless hippie named Kenny Mac who says that he’s not actually homeless, just currently without a home. I met an older man, Howard “Twilly” Cannon,  who was previously a photographer in places like Iraq. I met average college students just out for a coffee date with a friend. I met people who wore their life stories on their face. I also children and babies whose faces were so young and innocent, waiting for wherever life will them.

This assignment was a great preamble for something that I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I really want to spent some time just traveling the country and going to random places- big towns, small towns, cities, suburbs…just everywhere! I want to meet people and get their story. I want their story to be shared!

But, I think the most important thing that I realize in this assignment is that no matter people’s pasts or life story there is something universal in all people. It’s that one honest moment of happiness, that one glimpse of truth- it’s a smile.




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