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I just love Christmas.

I know you’re probably extremely surprised since I pretty much love everything. But seriously, Christmas is just so cute. One of my favorite things is getting gifts for people knowing that they will smile. I love snow and Christmas lights. I love decorations (tactful ones). I love the smell of pine. I love being so excited to open presents and waking up super early to do so (yes, I still do this). I love Christmas breakfast that my mom always makes. I love Christmas music on the radio. I love Christmas cookies. I love the spirit that Christmas brings to everyone!

With all that said, I am back home in New York for the holiday. This year while trying to figure out what to get my two best friends, Megan and Micaela, for Christmas I realized that I enjoy their company more than anything in the world. So, I suggested the idea of us going to the city for the day. We ventured into the city early and just spent some time around Bryant Park and the shops near it. Then we headed to Chelsea to stop at my favorite cupcake place ever, Billy’s Bakery. After, we headed to visited where I interned this summer. After hanging out with Lindsey, Jason, and Chris for a bit we went to The Half King for dinner and enjoyed the most delicious burgers…ever. Then we became those cheesy tourists and visited Rockefeller Center and saw the tree.

I hope you enjoy the photos from the city! Oh, and my little brother, Quin, got a puppy as well. The little stinker, Colt, is just sooo cute. I also have some photos of Colt and Ms. Sadie Jane playing.


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