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Bon Bini! (welcome in Curacao!)

Devin and I just returned from a nice week-long vacation to a quiet little island in the Caribbean called Curacao! All I can say is WHAT A FIND!

Curacao is a small island about 20 miles from Venezuela that was a Dutch colony until the Dutch Antilles dissolved in 2010 and Curacao became a constituent country of the Netherlands. The island dates back to the 1400’s and has a unique history the has created a melting pot of cultures like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced before! Just the language itself, Papiamento, is derived from various languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.  The bright, colorful and cheerful island is known for its trade, tourism and natural beauty.

During our trip, we were able to experience lots of different things while on the island including an Antillean night, a sailing trip that included two snorkeling spots (one of a sunken tug boat site and another of a coral reef), a floating market, art markets, a visit to a national park, some needed relaxation and much more! Below are the some photos that highlight the trip! Enjoy!


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