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A snapshot into my world!

Always looking for the next adventure

Well, I did it…I finished the 2014 Houston Marathon!

Just a quick walk-through of what going through my mind here:

First 13 miles – Oh this is great! So fun!

Next 5 miles – Okay, this is getting a little less fun.

Next 2 miles – WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Next 4 miles – Just shoot me. Seriously.

Last 2 miles – Pure guts. (NO glory!)

But more importantly, what I learned:

1) It really is amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. I am re-taught this time and time again. I last thing I remember of the race was seeing the 1/2 mile sign and a runner with bloody knees sitting on the side of the course. I don’t remember finishing, kicking to the finish (which, I apparently did), or passing out at the finish line and all that followed after (probably a good thing!). Unfortunately I had a seizure (don’t freak out – that’s normal for me. Read more about that here) and suffered from hypothermia. But whatever – I FINISHED MY FIRST EVER MARATHON!!


The nice medical staff made sure I got my medal…so sweet!

2) It’s 100% a love – hate – love relationship. I finished with quite a bang (clearly) and as soon as I came to and was a bit more coherent all I thought was “I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!”. Now writing this post, I’m excitedly looking forward to my time off before I start training for whatever comes next…which leads me to my next point.


Pre-race ‘fierceness’. ha!

3) If you fail, oh try, try again! I missed my goal time by a decent amount (final time was 3:49.30) but I’m 23, there is a LOT of time for redemption. Failing is all how you take it; you can give up or strive forward. For me, I know I can do it and I know that I will. What is done is done so there is no way but to go forward!

4) Marathons bring out the best in people. Mid-awful-wall-hit I just kept thinking, ‘Wow! This is so awesome. All these random strangers are cheering me (with some hilarious signs no less) and handing me water, despite whatever is going on in their life!’ How wonderful of them to come out here to support me their Sunday morning (especially since I hit at least one of them with a half full cup of water – sorry!). How nice of the medical staff to volunteer to help out at the race – no paycheck other than some lousy breakfast tacos from H-E-B. At the end of the day – people are good. Just so good!

My dear friend Mary (she rocked the half!) and I…and a photo bomber…

5) Challenges fuel me. But I’ve always known this. I used to get up before school in 3rd grade and run the mile around my neighborhood simply because of the thrill and challenge of it. I’ve had my fair share of medical issues throughout my entire life, so much that my parents call me the cat with nine lives. I will not say I’ve had faced anymore diversity than anyone else in this world – but I will say that I am appreciative for all of it because it’s made me love a challenge. Loving the challenge will help me successful in all of life – not just running.


Thanks for all the support everyone! You guys rock!!



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