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I love Christmas. Not in the ‘oh, let’s hang some lights’ and be festive kind of love, more ‘OH MY GOSH it’s 180 days until Christmas, now 90 days, now 30 days…IT’S DECEMBER!” kind of love. Since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed the holiday; mainly because giving is something that constantly fulfills my being and what more does Christmas stand for than the season of giving!

When my friend, Jodie, mentioned the idea of going to the Germany Christmas markets as we were planning a girls trip I really couldn’t find a reason NOT to go! So, we did some serious research (I will admit, I had a color coordinated spreadsheet for this trip – judge away, folks!) and off Jodie, Kristen and I went.

Just for a quick little history lesson, the German Christmas markets date back to the middle ages and served as  festive meeting place for people during the cold, dark winter. Villagers bought and sold homemade Christmas ornaments, decorations, and gifts. Traditional German handicrafts at the markets included hand carved nutcrackers, wooden smokers, wooden figures, cuckoo clocks, straw ornaments and blown glass ornaments (I pretty much bought at least one of everything listed above…).

We ended up visiting five different German cities, all mainly along the Rhine River, Frankfurt, Mainz, Weisbaden, Cologne and Dusseldorf, and a total of 13 (YES THIRTEEN!) Christmas markets. We enjoyed LOTS of gluhwein, German food (I can’t even look at sausage right now), Käthe Wohlfahrt, giant Christmas trees and festive stalls!

If you are a Christmas lover, I highly recommend a trip to the German markets! I hope you enjoy the mix of photos below (some from iPhone some from my real camera).



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