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A snapshot into my world!

Always looking for the next adventure

A few weekend’s ago a few friends, Devin and I went to St. Mary’s Glacier. Though very busy and a short hike — definitely worth all the views! Enjoy!






To celebrate July 4th Devin, Brooklyn and two of my friends, Jess & Veronica, went to enjoy all the beauties of America! We went to Leadville, Colorado (the highest city in the United States – city sits at an elevation of about 10,200 feet) and found a great hike! We stopped at Turquoise Lake and then found a hike up to Timberline Lake. Below are some photos from the day…enjoy!



With my recent move to Denver I have been busy adjusting to a new home, new office and all that moving 1,000 miles across the country entails. However, I have been able to get a few shots along the way….favorites below! Enjoy!


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I visited some friends from college last weekend in San Francisco and wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from the trip!






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Well, I did it…I finished the 2014 Houston Marathon!

Just a quick walk-through of what going through my mind here:

First 13 miles – Oh this is great! So fun!

Next 5 miles – Okay, this is getting a little less fun.

Next 2 miles – WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Next 4 miles – Just shoot me. Seriously.

Last 2 miles – Pure guts. (NO glory!)

But more importantly, what I learned:

1) It really is amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. I am re-taught this time and time again. I last thing I remember of the race was seeing the 1/2 mile sign and a runner with bloody knees sitting on the side of the course. I don’t remember finishing, kicking to the finish (which, I apparently did), or passing out at the finish line and all that followed after (probably a good thing!). Unfortunately I had a seizure (don’t freak out – that’s normal for me. Read more about that here) and suffered from hypothermia. But whatever – I FINISHED MY FIRST EVER MARATHON!!


The nice medical staff made sure I got my medal…so sweet!

2) It’s 100% a love – hate – love relationship. I finished with quite a bang (clearly) and as soon as I came to and was a bit more coherent all I thought was “I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!”. Now writing this post, I’m excitedly looking forward to my time off before I start training for whatever comes next…which leads me to my next point.


Pre-race ‘fierceness’. ha!

3) If you fail, oh try, try again! I missed my goal time by a decent amount (final time was 3:49.30) but I’m 23, there is a LOT of time for redemption. Failing is all how you take it; you can give up or strive forward. For me, I know I can do it and I know that I will. What is done is done so there is no way but to go forward!

4) Marathons bring out the best in people. Mid-awful-wall-hit I just kept thinking, ‘Wow! This is so awesome. All these random strangers are cheering me (with some hilarious signs no less) and handing me water, despite whatever is going on in their life!’ How wonderful of them to come out here to support me their Sunday morning (especially since I hit at least one of them with a half full cup of water – sorry!). How nice of the medical staff to volunteer to help out at the race – no paycheck other than some lousy breakfast tacos from H-E-B. At the end of the day – people are good. Just so good!

My dear friend Mary (she rocked the half!) and I…and a photo bomber…

5) Challenges fuel me. But I’ve always known this. I used to get up before school in 3rd grade and run the mile around my neighborhood simply because of the thrill and challenge of it. I’ve had my fair share of medical issues throughout my entire life, so much that my parents call me the cat with nine lives. I will not say I’ve had faced anymore diversity than anyone else in this world – but I will say that I am appreciative for all of it because it’s made me love a challenge. Loving the challenge will help me successful in all of life – not just running.


Thanks for all the support everyone! You guys rock!!


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While browsing the Internet on my lunch break today I ran across this video regarding the upcoming Houston Marathon. After watching the video it got me thinking about my personal marathon journey.

I stopped running Division I cross-country and track because I was having health complications (somewhat serious ones). I felt that every step I took forward I took three steps backwards…not to mention it caused extreme stress upon myself and my team. I didn’t want my team to have to worry about me anymore…that just wasn’t fair to them and their progress as athletes and a team. That decision was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made to this day. Taking some serious time off was in the cards post break-up (as I call it).

I kept running but I wasn’t serious…I’d run when I wanted to (and most importantly, when I felt good enough). I didn’t really do any races and honestly, didn’t have any desire to. I felt defeated. But, before I knew it, I began to fall in love with other things as much as I loved running. I immersed myself in other activities and gave those things the 110% I always gave my training. You know what I realized; I was pretty good at some other things too! I wasn’t good because I had anymore natural ability than anyone else; I was good because I worked for it and because I wasn’t afraid to try.

You have to find something. Just set a goal and work to achieve it and just keep looking forward and that’s how we get through it.

The reason I love running so much is because of that exact quote above. I love the challenge. I love the pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I love seeing what my body (and more importantly, my mind) can do.

Challenges are what make life fun. No matter what you’re going through in life if you simply set a goal and put in the work…you’ll get there. Overcoming those challenges is what makes life exhilarating; what makes us feel alive.

I always wanted to run a marathon – but I was stalling. Finally, I bit the bullet. When signing up for the Houston Marathon I knew the road wouldn’t be easy and that’s what excited me. Getting my doctor’s approval and having my parents not worry would be the hardest part (my doctor isn’t particularly keen of the idea and my parents are still worried I’m pretty sure). I started slow; building that oh-so-necessary base. I found a running group that I liked to do my weekend long runs with. Since signing up for the marathon I’ve run through pouring rain, 100% humidity, Houston summer heat (which is just awful so you know), and most recently, New York freezing weather (17 miles in 20 degrees with a windchill of 0…that was fun!!). I’ve run at 5:30 a.m. almost every day since May (including Saturdays – sorry Dev!!). I’ve run through the pain. I’ve run through the hilliest 13.1 miles I’ve ever ran (couldn’t walk the next two days, but that’s part of the thrill). I’ve run through the doubt of others. But, most importantly, I’ve run through the challenge. That’s the beauty of life – no matter what, you can get through it. It’s just about taking one step at a time.


Post December half marathon – 3rd overall female!

With the marathon less than two weeks away I am feeling great (and not only because I’m tapering – though, that does help!). I know that no matter what happens I will cross that finish line, ideally, running my goal time. I will finish because my will to succeed greatly overpowers any pain that I will feel. I have sacrificed. I have bled. I have cried (okay that’s a bit dramatic, maybe just teared up at some points). I have smiled. Most importantly, I have taken the journey. See you at the finish line (hopefully, looking a bit more fabulous than the finish photo below)!


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Last week I was in Calgary for a work trip and got the chance to explore the city a bit in my spare time. I also got the chance to go up to Lake Louise and Banff…a beautiful place that I suggest all see at some point! Enjoy!

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