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I love Christmas. Not in the ‘oh, let’s hang some lights’ and be festive kind of love, more ‘OH MY GOSH it’s 180 days until Christmas, now 90 days, now 30 days…IT’S DECEMBER!” kind of love. Since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed the holiday; mainly because giving is something that constantly fulfills my being and what more does Christmas stand for than the season of giving!

When my friend, Jodie, mentioned the idea of going to the Germany Christmas markets as we were planning a girls trip I really couldn’t find a reason NOT to go! So, we did some serious research (I will admit, I had a color coordinated spreadsheet for this trip – judge away, folks!) and off Jodie, Kristen and I went.

Just for a quick little history lesson, the German Christmas markets date back to the middle ages and served as  festive meeting place for people during the cold, dark winter. Villagers bought and sold homemade Christmas ornaments, decorations, and gifts. Traditional German handicrafts at the markets included hand carved nutcrackers, wooden smokers, wooden figures, cuckoo clocks, straw ornaments and blown glass ornaments (I pretty much bought at least one of everything listed above…).

We ended up visiting five different German cities, all mainly along the Rhine River, Frankfurt, Mainz, Weisbaden, Cologne and Dusseldorf, and a total of 13 (YES THIRTEEN!) Christmas markets. We enjoyed LOTS of gluhwein, German food (I can’t even look at sausage right now), Käthe Wohlfahrt, giant Christmas trees and festive stalls!

If you are a Christmas lover, I highly recommend a trip to the German markets! I hope you enjoy the mix of photos below (some from iPhone some from my real camera).


Devin and I just returned from Norway – a trip we both will never forget! We were so thankful to Devin’s family as they were such kind, welcoming hosts for our trip. We toured Olso (including a famous ski jump/ski museum, a beautiful park, a Viking museum and more), enjoyed the relaxing countryside right outside of Oslo and took a road trip across the country to the west to do the famous hike, Trolltunga (oh, also where we got engaged!!). We were so amazed with how beautiful (and clean) the country was. Hope you get a taste for the lovely country from my photos below!!

All photographs are copyright of Just Shine Photography 2015 and may not be used without permission.

© Just Shine Photography 2015.

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Now that it’s officially 2015, I thought I’d catch up on my photos from the end of 2014! This post includes photos of the following:

1) Girls trip to LA with my friend Jodie!
2) Thanksgiving with friends in Fairplay, Colorado
3) Christmas travels including Salt Lake City, Utah, Moab, Utah and Beaver Creek, Colorado

Enjoy and wishing you a very happy 2015!!

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This past weekend my sister got married! It was a beautiful northeast day with clear blue skies and beautiful fall colors. The ceremony was intimate in a small church and the reception was at Brown’s Brewing Company – if you want a great beer, go there! It was such a great day and my sister was an absolutely stunning bride! As I was the maid of honor I wasn’t able to take a ton of photos, however, I did get a few while we were getting ready and a few on my phone. Enjoy and cheers to Keely & Paul!

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Moving to Denver has been wonderful for more than one reason…but one being the presence of seasons again! I absolutely love all the warm colors in fall along with crisp mornings and sunny afternoons! There are some photos I’ve captured around Denver (Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods) and in Northeast (Vermont). Enjoy!

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My sister, Keely, is getting married in October! Since we’re all over parts of the country we had her shower and bachelorette festivities this past weekend in New York. Not only was New York beautiful, but everything went smoothly! Keely was thrilled with the weekend and is looking forward to her wedding in October. Check out some photos from her Garden Party bridal shower and weekend of fun with the girls!

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The past two nights the sky has been so awesome here…wanted to share the beauty with everyone else! 

Denver1 Denver2

A few weekend’s ago a few friends, Devin and I went to St. Mary’s Glacier. Though very busy and a short hike — definitely worth all the views! Enjoy!





To celebrate July 4th Devin, Brooklyn and two of my friends, Jess & Veronica, went to enjoy all the beauties of America! We went to Leadville, Colorado (the highest city in the United States – city sits at an elevation of about 10,200 feet) and found a great hike! We stopped at Turquoise Lake and then found a hike up to Timberline Lake. Below are some photos from the day…enjoy!



With my recent move to Denver I have been busy adjusting to a new home, new office and all that moving 1,000 miles across the country entails. However, I have been able to get a few shots along the way….favorites below! Enjoy!


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